August Texas Contractor Funding


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Despite the challenges that this past month brought to many small businesses around the world, we are still doing our best to help you grow. We are grateful for the opportunity to work alongside you and we are here to assist you with any funding needs. If you need to lease equipment, purchase materials, cover payroll, or take on bigger projects, we are your Texas financing partner.

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Featured August Transactions

Oilfield Services
Pearsall, TX
$9,010.00 USD in Factored Receivables

Real Estate Company
Houston, TX
$1,000.00 USD in Asset-Based Lending

Construction Company
New Braunfels, TX
$10,005.97 USD in Factored Receivables

Site Work
San Antonio, TX
$16,500.00 USD in Materials Purchasing

Construction CompanyAustin, TX
$24,800.00 USD in Equipment Leasing



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